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Selling Service

Why don't you sell your items on Yahoo! Japan Auction?

Recently, Japanese Yen is very strong.
It's a very good chance to export items to Japan.
We recommend to sell your items in Japan A.S.A.P.


*Our fee is 20%(lowest 1500yen), yahoo fee 5%, tax 5%.
In short, you can get 70% of sold price.

Please use Post Office

If you ok, please send items to my address.
*please use post office to ship because other company like DHL charge tax.
*please mark as 30usd, gift.

Please send items to

Junya Funahashi
91 aza Higuchikami, Kariyasuka,
Yamato-cho, Ichinomiya-shi, Aichi-ken

*We can list at start 1yen, no reserve only.
*If the item is fake, it will be scrapped.
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