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Q1: Can you ship items for worldwide?
A1: Yes offcourse.
I can supply my service for worldwide customers.

Q2: When can I receive the item?
A2: Usually the sellers ship in a few days
and after my shipping, you can receive in 3-5days.
In short, you can receive in 5-7days after we win.

Q3: Is there fakes in Yahoo auction?
A3: To a regrettable thing, there are the fakes in Yahoo auction.
If I find the item you choose is fake, I let you know.

Q4: Can you make your fee lower?
A4: The price is already the lowest.
Because my fee is set at as low price as possible,
I don't discount for every my customers.

Q5: Can you send pictures when you receive the item?
A5: Yes I can. Picture service is 5USD.

Q6: When posting the item, can you put low value on the package and mark it as gift?
A6: Normally I put actual value and mark it as gift.
If you want me put low value, please let me know APAP before shipping.
*If you are charged custom fee when you receive, please pay by your side.

Q7: Can I cancel after order?
A7: You can't cancel and make max budget lower after you order.

Q8: How can I pay?
A8: You can use PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, IPMO(International Postal Money Order) & Sending cash by registerd mail.

Q9: What is Hottest brand in Japan now?
A9: The upper brand on the list of my site is hotter recently.

Q10: Can I buy at other shops not listed on this site?
A10: Yes. Please send the item URL.
I can help you get any items in Japanese web site.

Q11: Can you negotiate with the seller at my target price? (About the auction)
A11: Yes we can negosiate for the seller at our target price.
*Please offer at least start price. (We cant offer at lower than start price.)
*If the seller accept, Please dont cancel.

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