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  1. We can't bid on without deposit.
  2. We can't cancel bidding and purchase after you order.
  3. We can't return items to the seller even if the item is different from guess.

  4. We can't negosiate with the seller at lower than start price.

  5. We can't negosiate with the seller to exchange items.

  6. If you are charged custom fee, I cant pay it.
  7. When we win the item, please finish payment quickly in 2 days. I can't do any next help before the payment.If you dontfinish payment in 2days, your deposit is used as cancel fee.
  8. When 2 customers offer for same item,
    the customer who offer secondarily have to offer at higher price than the price that first customer offered.
    for example:
    Customer A-san offers at upper budget 100usd firstly.
    Customer B-san have to offer at least upper budget 110usd.
    *Even if we win at lower price, the B-san have to pay 110usd.
    If B-san offers at upper budget 150usd, A-san have to offer at least 160usd again
  9. If a customer do following, I have to put into ignore list.
  10. When customer want discount some times.
    When cusomer want discount after we win the item.
  11. Please offer as soon as possible by 6hours before ending time.
  12. If shipping address is in Japan, need 5% tax.
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