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What's this Site? / How To Use

What's This Site

Juno's Full-Service
Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Juno.
Thank you for visiting
This is Juno's Japan Bid & Buy proxy service for worldwide customers.
I am willing to help you get any items at Japan market.
the characteristics of is Full-Service by wide experience.
All you have to do is just choice of item. I will cover all the dealing (confirm that the item is genuine and bid on, receive and check the items one by one and ship to your home quickly).
I am working everyday, 365days a year.
Please contact me anytime!

How to Use


Please send item URL
At first, please choose the item in and send the item URL or Auction ID to me.
*Please use order form, email, Windows Live Messenger & ICQ.
*If you need another serch result, please let me know anytime. I am willing to create the serch result.

Then I will reply and let you know your total cost including all cost & detailed information of the item (condition, size etc...). *Because there are some fake items in auctions (Rakuten and other online shops in don't sell fakes), If you choose the fake item, I will let you know. I usually judge by description, seller's feedback & other items, price(too cheap items maybe fake), and my experience finally.
*If the item is real, I don't tell you particularly.


Please send deposit and let me know the max budget including all cost.
When we will bid on the auction, please send deposit. (Deposit amount is around 5000yen in each currency, 50usd, 30eur,30gbp etc..)
*About payment way, my customers usually use paypal because it's the most reasonable and the fastest way. You also can use Western Union, Bank transfer, IPMO(International Postal Money Order) & Cash by registerd mail.

As soon as I receive the deposit, I will do my best to get at the lowest price in your budget.
Please just wait for the result.

When we purchase the items at Rakuten and other online shops, or when we use Buy It Now at the auction, please send the full payment.
Then I will get the item as soon as I receive the payment.


Please send left payment.
If we win the auction, I will calcurate and let you know your final cost by winning bid price.
Please finish the left payment (= final cost - deposit) quickly.

If we lost,
please search another item.
If you don't need any other item, I can refund the deposit anytime
(You're NOT charged any fee when we use refund option of paypal)

Because most Japanese sellers can not ship internationally,
I receive the items at first and check the items if it's the same one, same sz & color as the item description one by one.
then ship to your home quickly.

Usually, the sellers ship in a few days.
After my shipping, you can receive in 3-5days.
In short, you can receive the item in 5-8days after winning (order).


My fee is 15% of total cost (lowest 1500yen) for one item (auction).
The other costs are
Shipping cost in Japan: Domestic delivery cost from the seller to Juno's house.
International Shipping cost: Shipping cost from Juno to Your house.
Bank transfer fee: Banking fee Juno have to pay when Juno send payment to the sellers.
*Shipping cost is calcurated by item weight.

If we buy(win) shoes at 30000yen, shipping to USA,
calculation way is here.
(30000+1000+500+3500)*1.15/103 = 390usd(Final cost)
30000yen: Item price (Winning Bid price)
1000yen: Shipping cost in Japan
500: Bank transfer fee
3500yen: International Shipping cost to USA
1.15: My fee 15%
103: Exchange rate, 103YEN/USD
*The exchange rate changes everyday.
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