Q. Can you ship items worldwide?
A. Yes, of course.
I can provide my service to customers worldwide.
Q. When can I receive the item?
A. Usually the sellers ship in a few days,
and after I ship it, you can receive your item in 3 - 5 days.
In short, you can receive your item in 5 - 7 days after we win.
Q. Are there fakes for sale on Yahoo Auctions?
A. Recently, there is little on Yahoo Auctions. *Japanese online stores like Rakuten don't sell fakes.
I can know if its fake or not by my experience. If you chose fakes, I will let you know and don't get.
Q. Can you lower your fees?
A. The price is already the lowest I can offer.
Because my fee is set as low as possible,
I cannot offer further discounts to customers.
Q. Can you send pictures when you receive the item?
A. Yes I can. The picture service costs US $5.
Q. Can I cancel after ordering?
A. If its before we win or order, You can cancel. *You cannot cancel after we win or order.
Q. How can I pay?
A. You can use PayPal, bank transfer, or an International Postal Money Order, or send cash by registered mail.
Q. What is the hottest brand in Japan now?
A. The brands listed near the top in the "Hot Items" list on our site are those that have been hot recently.
Q. Can I buy at other shops not listed on this site?
A. Yes. Please send me the item's URL.
I can help you get any items available on Japanese web sites.
Q. Can you negotiate with the seller at my target price? (for an auction)
A. Yes, I can negotiate with the seller at your target price.
* Please don't cancel after the seller has accepted your offer and hold the item for us.